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My Yogic Path Barbara - June Happenings

Already the summer. Well, almost. School is winding down, masks are coming off and Yoga is online and in the studio! Life is good!

In June we will balance our Visuddha Chakra or Throat Chakra. This 5th Chakra is the beginning of the path to spirituality. The Visuddha Chakra resides in, you guessed it; the throat. It also is the energy in the mouth, lips, tongue and ears. This chakra relates to sound and the seed/bija Mantra is HAM. It focuses on self-expression, clear communication, joy, playfulness, sounding, singing, creativity, and telling OUR truth. Our truth to ourselves and to others. I have been working on this Chakra since I started Yoga exactly 2 years ago this month. I have progressed up this path pretty darn far but still have far to go.

When our Throat Chakra is blocked we may be the life of or clown of the party. We speak too much and are unable to listen. This inability to listen, I believe, is due to that incessant talking going on in our scattered mind. A mind which is trying to come up with all the answers to everyone's comments. Holding grudges, being angry and being confused and anxious. Being frozen in our illusions and not being able to speak.

The corresponding Yama for the Visuddha Chakra is SATYA or TRUTH. This truth is referring to more than just telling a little, harmless lie. Are any little lies really harmless? This truthfulness demands our integrity to life in every way. Truth is fluid, it is powerful and it carries a great deal of weight.

"The jewel of Satya, or truthfulness, isn't safe, but it is good." (The Yamas and Niyamas....Deborah Adele.) Trying to be what and who everyone wants is impossible. In the midst of the confusion, we lose ourselves along the way. Look inside for your truth and discover your inner light.

Nice? Nice is an illusion all wrapped up in a bow with nothing on the inside. The nicer you are sometimes makes us dishonest with what we really want.

Real! Real asks us to live up to our desires and to be trustworthy. What a weight off our shoulders when we become honest with ourselves and others with ahimsa. Ahimsa is always first. Everything flows easily when we remember to be kind and loving to ourselves and others. It is kind and loving to be honest.

I tried to be the perfect wife, mother, grandmother and forgot to be the woman who loved life and who looked forward to waking up each morning with a list of things I wanted to do. I spent years in my head living in an illusion afraid to live my life. I spouted nonsense about politics and the state of the world when I did not understand my small part in it. I was called out on my dishonest and disillusioned behavior by one of my children. A little rough I thought but it definitely took me out of hiding. So, thank you for that.

We can be hiding and denying our inner desires or we can take a chance and live the life the angels are SCREAMING at us to live. Someone will be upset with our decisions no matter what, but I don't believe it should be us. Expressing ourselves creatively, speaking truthfully, living authentically, singing and SPEAKING UP will take us out of our imagination and into our life. Not to get others to listen but to get our "self" to listen.

I flat out lost my ability to feel anything at all in 2019 because I was playing a part. I thought my life was over and I became the voyeur instead of the participant. My path with yoga in two short years has been full of Svadhyaya/Self Study. I am now on the road to understand what I want and I am finding the ability to ask for what I want. I deserve my hearts desire; we all do.

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